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Why Dental Implants?

Why Dental Implants?

Have you ever encountered a person whose denture just pops out of the mouth in the middle of a conversation? Though it seems laughable at first, but it is certainly embarrassing to the person experiencing it.

With the recent developments in dentistry, it is safe to say that dental implants are the best replacements for missing teeth. The implant supported tooth does not float in the mouth like dentures. A person with dental implants does not worry about losing control of his prosthesis. He can experience better bite forces with implants and thus relish various savories and desserts to his heart’s content.

Technically, a dental implant takes support from your bone. It is a painless procedure and is usually accomplished under local anesthesia. It is accompanied with minimal post-operative discomfort. This form of replacement is as of today, the closest we can get to a natural tooth.

There is a major misconception that dental implants are expensive. If one desires a fixed form of tooth replacement, then two forms of dental prostheses stand out – fixed bridges and implant supported replacements. Fixed bridges, though they appear economical at the first glance, are much more expensive than implants in the long run. They involve healthy adjacent teeth for support, thus requiring their root canal treatments in majority of cases. If a bridge fractures in time or any component of it fails – artificial or natural, it will necessitate replacement of the supporting teeth as well, turning it into a vicious cycle. The subsequent way out of such clinical situations is often dental implants. Dental implants are generally free from such damaging complications and their complications are usually limited only to the tooth/ teeth they replace.

Thus, dental implants are posited as the ideal replacements for missing natural teeth.

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