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Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is done when a dental disease infects the tooth roots, for broken teeth or as part of full mouth treatments. RCT at Truedent is done by Endodontist using electronic, ultrasonic, digital and advanced equipment and instruments. We boast of a high success rate in our treatments. We also do wisdom teeth RCT, surgical root canal treatment, root canal retreatments, endodontic complication management and single sitting RCT. 

Dental Implants

Today, dental implants are considered to be the standard of care for replacing missing teeth. Dental Implantology has come a long way from being a premium treatment to the preferred treatment. A good Dental Implantologist understands the importance of well-designed and clinically proven dental implants, and the use of good quality biomaterials like artificial bone grafts. At Truedent, you can expect the best specialist dental implant advice and treatments in the hands of our skilled Dental Implantology Team. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Truedent is a Cosmetic Dental Clinic, providing services of tooth whitening, dental laminates and veneers, smile designing and cosmetic crowns and fillings. Truedent is proud to offer you the finest dental crowns and veneers through the best partner companies and dental labs of the country. Our wide range and choice of products suit every need. In smile designing, our multi-specialty team of the Prosthodontist, Endodontist, Orthodontist and Periodontist offer the best cosmetic results. 

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth extractions require surgical skill, expertise and experience. Expect nothing less at Truedent with our Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. At Truedent, we ensure that the procedure itself is painless. We also try our best to make you comfortable during the healing period. 

Gum Treatments

Healthy gums are the backbone of healthy teeth. That is why, we recommend utmost care of your gums at Truedent. Gum treatments include scaling and polishing, root planing and curettage and surgical gum treatments to add life to your teeth. Meet our Periodontist to understand how gum treatments may benefit your teeth. 

Milk Teeth

Milk teeth are the stepping stones to permanent teeth, and they deserve extra care. Our Pedodontist is highly experienced in gentle handling of your child. Milk teeth problems can be remedied with fillings, root canal therapies and space maintenance. Get your child the best dental care at Truedent. 

Braces - Visible and Invisible

We correct crooked teeth, spaces between teeth and crowded teeth with braces. Orthodontics or the specialty of braces today includes numerous kind of braces and appliance treatments. Options available include invisible braces (Invisalign), ceramic braces, metal braces, Incognito braces, lingual braces, self-ligating braces and many more. Book an appointment with our orthodontist today to understand which option is best for you. 

Emergency Dentistry

Dental pain relief is always our primary objective at Truedent. Dental pain and swelling in itself can unfortunately occur without any previous hint of a dental problem, and take on excruciating proportions. Fortunately, however, the treatment of an acute dental infection is often straightforward that can give immediate relief to the patient. We provide emergency dental treatments such as tooth/ abscess drainage for relief of acute pain, as well as treatments for sudden dental trauma. 

Preventing Dental Problems

Your health is in your hands first. At Truedent, we strongly advocate preventive dentistry. Simple procedures such as fluoride varnish, sealants and annual cleaning go a long way in preventing dental problems and making your teeth healthy and strong. Visit Truedent today to learn the proper brushing and flossing technique. 

Cavity Fillings

We strive to achieve and maintain international standards and uncompromising quality in all our treatments. That is why you get the best dental fillings at Truedent from top brands like 3M, Coltene Whaledent, GC and Ivoclar. These fillings are not only superior in strength and longevity, but are also unmatched cosmetically. For those looking for still stronger dental fillings, Truedent offers Direct Metal Laser Sintered dental fillings as well as ceramic inlays and onlays. 

Crown and Bridge

When it comes to dental crowns and bridges, you will find the best standards of care at Truedent. You can choose from more than 15 of the best dental crowns in the country at Truedent. We do zirconia, pressed ceramic, metal-ceramic, laser sintered and E.max crowns to name a few. Book an appointment with our Prosthodontist to understand all about the different crowns and bridges. 


Dentures are a more pocket-friendly option for the replacement of missing teeth. Dentures can be done without teeth (complete dentures), for few teeth (partial dentures) and with support from teeth or implants (overdentures). Our Prosthodontist specializes in cast partial dentures, flexible dentures, unbreakable dentures as well as acrylic dentures. Learn about the proper care and maintenance needed for dentures at Truedent. 

Fixing Broken Teeth

Dental bonding is a highly successful and specialized treatment modality. We understand the importance of your natural teeth and use the best class of dental bonding materials for repairing natural broken teeth. We do reattachment of fractured fragments, post and core treatments, dental crowns and crown lengthening. Complicated cases often require multiple specialists like Prosthodontist, Endodontist, Periodontist and Orthodontist. 

Full Mouth Correction

Age changes often show on your teeth which can require dental treatments for most or all teeth. This situation can also arise due to long term dental neglect, hereditary dental problems, daily stress or some medical conditions. Such full mouth correction or full mouth rehabilitation requires a multi-disciplinary approach with the utmost attention to details at every step. Trust Truedent specialists with their experience and expertise in full mouth correction for best results. 

Other Services

Other services provided at Truedent include, but are not limited to, treatments for receding gums, splinting of loose teeth, bite guard for teeth grinding, sports guard for contact sports and treatments for sensitive teeth.