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The natural colour of our teeth is yellowish white - and they can have varying tints of yellowishness from almost none to noticeably yellow. A discoloured tooth is unusually yellow to brown. 
What is a discoloured tooth? 
Yellow teeth may be the result of staining from the foods you have, the water of the area where you were born and grew up, improper oral hygiene care or defects in the teeth when they were formed. But you are not alone. With time and age, almost everyone's teeth become more yellowish. 
Why are my teeth yellow? 
Natural teeth are yellowish, and your yellow teeth does not mean they are bad. For sparkling white teeth and a confident smile, you may however opt for one of the two cosmetic procedures to correct yellow and discoloured teeth - dental bleaching and laminates or veneers. 
What is the solution? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. Does smoking causes yellowing of teeth? - Yes. Smoking does cause yellowing and discolouration of teeth, along with gum related and other serious health problems.  
  2. Will my teeth become white with whitening toothpastes or gums? - To some extent. However, if you are looking to get white teeth without the tooth whitening sessions on the dental chair, there are other better at-home dental whitening options.    
  3. My teeth have been stained and discoloured since birth. Is it still possible to whiten them? Teeth that have been unusually yellow or stained since birth can be made into a white, sparkling set of teeth. This may require laminates or veneers in conjunction with dental bleaching procedures.