10 Reasons for choosing TrueDent for your dental treatment

principles of dental care at truedent

2. The ADA Code

We adhere to the code of the American Dental Association, based on five principles- patient autonomy (be involved in your treatment), nonmaleficence (first of all, do no harm), beneficence (patient welfare), justice (the right specialist for the needs of the tooth) and veracity (truthfulness). 
high level disinfection of instruments
strict steilization protocol

3. Strict Sterilization Protocol

We ascribe good dentistry to clean dentistry, and are driven to provide high standards of sterilization and disinfection in our clinic.  Modern autoclave, use of sterilization indicators, biohazard management, chemical disinfection and single use of all instruments are the basic tenets of good dentistry at Truedent. 
appointing patients at Truedent
appointing patients at Truedent

4. Single Patient Dentistry

We encourage appointment only practice. Our appointments are sufficiently spaced to allow us to devote full time and attention to you. You will never find us hurried in our approach or lacking time to attend to your queries and concerns. Our appointments are scheduled to accomodate any emergency patient as well that we may have to handle in your appointment slot. 
dental care and comfort
smiling patients

5. We know you don't like dentists!

At Truedent, we will do our best to allay your dental fears. Dental problems and treatments have a reputation of being painful, and we know that. We cannot avoid some discomfort always, but we work our best to mimimize it. We do not touch your tooth without your consent, we do not treat your tooth without your understanding and no dental pain is the primary motto of Truedent - Dental Pain Relief, Oral Healthcare and Cosmetic Dental Clinic. 
modern dental technology
digital dental radiography

6. We use modern technology

From computerized dental radiography to electronic root canal systems, from newest filling technology to advanced tooth whitening, we advocate the use of modern techniques and technology at Truedent. 
best cosmetic crowns
best dental materials

7. We use the best class of materials

We use restorative and root canal materials from 3M ESPE, Dentsply and Ivoclar Vivadent. Our non - clinical work is done by the most esteemed dental laboratories in the country. We place dental implants from internationally acclaimed brands, like Nobel Biocare, Biohorizons and Ankylos. 
dental recommendations
tooth shade matching

8. We adhere to recommended guidelines

Treatment planning at Truedent is duly underlined in our list of priorities. We practice scientifically accepted and internationally recommended treatment guidelines. We weigh between short term and long term benefits, treatment costs and patient convenience before laying down all treatment options before you.  
value for money
best cost benefit ratio

9. Reasonable charges for the best care!

In our commitment to the best dental practices, we make sure that our treatment charges are most reasonable. We plan our charges very meticulously. We are especially concerned about preventive and emergency dental procedures, and provide our patients with an annual membership plan to save the time and cost of extensive dental treatments in future. 
smiling patients
growing clientele

10. Our always smiling patients!

We have been making smiles from all parts of the capital city as well as abroad. Our growing satisfied clientele speaks for itself. People often leave our clinic with words of support and gratitude, and these words go a long way in strengthening our commitment towards the best patient care. You can read some of our patient testimonials to know more about us.