Know More about TOOTHACHE
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Toothache is pain in the tooth or its gums on chewing, drinking hot or cold or biting. Toothache may also happen without any identifiable  cause, like while just sitting or lying down. If you are having a toothache, you may feel uncomfortable eating, talking or doing routine activities. In case the pain is very severe and spreading to other parts of the face, it is a dental emergency
What is toothache? 
The most common cause of toothache is decay or cavity in a tooth. You can also get dental pain from gum problems, biting too hard or a simple cold. The only sure way of knowing it is by getting a dental check-up done. The dentist will correlate the kind of pain you are having with the condition of the tooth and sometimes take an X-Ray to confirm the cause of your toothache. 
Why am I having a toothache? 
A cavity will require a filling . Deep cavities that have caused infection in the roots will need root canal treatment (RCT) . Today, with advances in dentistry, dental pain is easily treatable - without removing the tooth in most cases. But the earlier you get the treatment done, the better it is for your time, money and comfort. 
What is the solution? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. Who is the specialist I should find for my toothache? - Since the most common causes for dental pain are cavities and root infections, you should visit an Endodontist. 
  2. Does a toothache always need a root canal treatment? - No. Only if you are having severe dental pain, pain on biting, pain while lying down at night or spreading pain on taking mildly cold foods, the chances of root canal treatment are more. 
  3. I have a very mild toothache. Can I request my dentist to just do a filling? - While you will most likely need a RCT if the dental pain is severe, a mild toothache does not rule out the possibility of infection in the roots. Your dentist's judgement is the best.