Words from TrueDental Smilers...
Mrs. Lizy Jacob, Mathematics Teacher
Doctor, you are always very patient, take time to do the treatment safely, neatly and very perfectly. 
Dr. Gautam you always get an Aplus.
Chitresh Sehgal
Very nice and helpful. Cordial and explained the whole problem in detail. Recommended 100%
Subodh Pandey, Atlanta
My experience with the doctor was extremely pleasant. I was greeted by smiling attendant and in a comfortable waiting room. My appointment purpose was verified. The doctor was very professional and made sure i understood what was being done and what the best solution would be. I had cavities and the doctor helped in restoring those. I am usually scared of dentist visits, But Dr. Gautam Agarwal made it really easy and my concerns disappeared in a flash. I would recommend Dr. Gautam to not only my friends and family but to anyone else who needs a considerate and extremely well qualified dentist.
Ashish Priyadarshi, Engineer at Ericsson
It was a pleasant experience visiting Dr. Gautam. I was a bit apprehensive before the procedure ( as I guess everybody is before visiting a dentist) but he made sure that I was comfortable by explaining to me details and answering all my queries. The actual procedure was painless and finished quickly
Mr. Anuj Bhandari, Sydney
An excellent Doctor....his attitude towards his patients is superb....he makes sure that his patients, specially like me, who have dental treatment phobia get comfortable and then works on the tooth without pain. He explains every bit of process and also gives suggestions of how we can improve our tooth condition.
Mr. Aman Marwah, Founder - Food Art
Painless experience with meditative music... I generally sleep on his dental chair.. As have full confidence in Dr Gautams hands. Generally Never heard anybody sleeping on dental chair......
Himanshu Mangtani, Noida
My experience with the clinic was very good....The doctor was more concerned about "How the pain i got , could have been prevented ?". He taught me a "Brushing technique" , which he calls as the "Art of Brushing"and his teacher had taught him this technique. And the Brushing technique is Awesome (bole to jhakas)...it takes out even those food particles which i never knew existed in my mouth. Everyday i practice the technique...And soon i will master it. .
Rachin Gupta, CEO
 My first hand experience at this clinic was great. I had constant pain in my tooth since last many days and visiting couple of other high profile clinics/hospitals in that area didn't help much, their suggestion was to go for RCT without even looking. At TRUEDENT, I got the most sincere advice and correct treatment, much within the cost I had expected or wished rather. Dr. Gautam was highly skilled in his work and provided the best treatment possible. I am a relieved patient since last several months. I highly recommend TRUEDENT and Dr. Gautam for your personal treatment.
Sachin Mohan, Rohini
Gautam is excellent in examining the root cause of the dental problems faced. He simply explains the problem to the patient and offers various solutions to help resolve it. Most importantly, he allocates enough personal attention and time to work and resolve the dental problems such as root-canal, scaling and capping treatments. Post treatment, the patient will be happy and satisfied with the treatment received. I would always advocate Gautam to my family and friends for any dental treatment..