Wide range of treatments

All the treatments to help you get your perfect smile

At Truedent Dental Clinic, you will find a specialist for every dental treatment. 
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    Gum Treatments
    Gums are the backbone of healthy teeth. That is why we provide all gum treatments, ranging from simple scaling and polishing, to surgical gum treatments with bone grafting procedures to add life to your teeth. Specialist: Periodontist
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    Cavity Fillings
    Treatments for dental decay or cavities at Truedent include tooth coloured fillings, ceramic inlays and onlays and metal based restorations. Deep cavities are medicated to prevent root canal treatment. Specialist: Endodont
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    Root Canal Treatment
    We use electronic systems for root canal treatment (RCT) at Truedent. We also do wisdom teeth RCT, surgical root canal treatment, root canal retreatments, complication management and single sitting RCT. Specialist: Endodontist
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    Milk Teeth
    Milk teeth are the stepping stones to permanent teeth, and they deserve extra care. Fillings, root canal therapies and space maintainance are routinely done at Truedent. Specialist: Pedodontist, Orthodontist, Endodontist
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    We correct crooked teeth, spaces between teeth and crowded teeth with braces. We offer 8 kinds of braces, including metal, ceramic and invisible braces. Such treatments are becoming common in adults as well. Specialist: Orthodontist
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    Cosmetic Dentistry
    Truedent is a cosmetic dental clinic, providing services of tooth whitening, laminates/ veneers, smile designing, and cosmetic crowns and fillings. Specialist: Prosthodontist, Endodontist, Periodontist, Oral Surgeon, Orthodontist
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    Preventing Problems
    At Truedent, we strongly advocate preventive dental treatments. Simple procedures such as fluoride varnish, sealants and annual cleaning go a long way in preventing dental problems and making your teeth healthy and strong.
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    Emergency Dentistry
    Truedent is first of all a dental pain relief centre. We provide emergency dental treatments such as tooth/ abscess drainage for relief of acute pain as well as treatments for sudden dental trauma. Specialist: Endodontist
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    Dental Implants
    Dental Implants are today the standard of care for replacing missing teeth. Our implantology team places implants for routine as well as challenging cases. Specialist: Oral surgeon, Periodontist, Prosthodontist
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    Crowns and Bridges
    Crowns and bridges are the most commonly practiced treatment modality for missing teeth. We do zirconia, pressed ceramic, computerised and laser sintered crowns and bridges. Specialist: Prosthodontist
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    Dentures remain the economical mainstay treatment for replacing more than a few teeth on implants or tooth roots (overdentures), full set of teeth (complete dentures) or a few teeth (cast partial dentures). Specilaist: Prosthodontist
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    Fixing broken teeth
    We, at Truedent, understand the importance of your natural tooth and do our best to save broken teeth by reattachement of fractured fragments, post and core treatments, crowns and crown lengthening. Specialist: Endodontist, Periodontist
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    Wisdom tooth removal
    Wisdom tooth removal requires surgical skill, expertise and experience. While we ensure the procedure itself is painless, we also try our best to make you comfortable during the healing period. Specialist: Oral surgeon
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    Tooth transplantation
    Tooth transplantation is now an accepted treatment procedure for replacement of missing teeth, or where a tooth continues to lie in the bone. It is an important part of treatment planning at Truedent. Specialist: Oral surgeon, Endodontist
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    Full mouth correction
    Full mouth correction or rehabilitation is carried out by our team of experts when extensive decay, loss and wearing away of teeth has left you with few options. Specialist: Prosthodontist, Endodontist, Periodontist
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    Other services
    Other dental services provided at Truedent include, but are not limited to, treatment for receding gums, splinting of loose teeth, bite guard for teeth grinding, sports guard for contact sports and treatments for sensitive teeth.