Our Philosophy
TheTrueDental.com is an attempt, through words of dentistry, to bridge an unspoken gap between the patient and the dentist. 
 What is this gap? Our society has risen on the ladder of self-reliance and free thinking with steps of science. We now have seemingly more control of what we do and how we live. This change has impregnated an attitude of curiosity deep within us, and while the men of science search for answers to creations of nature, we, as the common people, search for simple answers in our daily lives. When science says too much carbs are bad for you, we ask what yummy stuff can I buy that will keep me fit? When science says water is tasteless, we ask what is that sweet taste in water when I am thirsty? When science says every action has an equal and opposite reaction, we ask how long will my flight to New York take? 
 Of course there are some questions for which there are no answers. Why is my boss always early when I am late? Why does the girl next door always have a boyfriend from before moving to my locality? What can I buy my wife in my budget for our anniversary? But luckily for dentists, there are answers to most of the questions posed to us. Why are my teeth yellow? How can I avoid cavities? Can my wisdom tooth be a little wiser and keep quiet during my exams?
 And then there are stories on dentists and dental treatments, which brings out more questions. Is root canal treatment painful? How long will my dental implant treatment take? Who is the best specialist to solve my dental dilemma? 
 TheTrueDental.com aims to help you, as a dental patient, to take informed decisions. We want to encourage you to have healthy teeth and want to show you how. We want to help you understand your teeth and their treatment. We want to glorify your smile, and help you spread it!