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Tooth avusion is a tooth falling out of its socket entirely due to a sudden blow or trauma. It usually happens in children or young adults to the upper front teeth. 
What is tooth avulsion? 
Why do teeth knock out? 
A sudden blow or trauma to the tooth breaks the attachement of the tooth to the jaw bone, as both the teeth and the jaw bone are stronger than the attachment. This cause the tooth to be knowcked out. 
If a milk tooth knocks out, usually nothing is done. Placing it back may injure the permanent adult tooth developing inside. Moreover, a young child is usually not able to cooperate for the procedure having suffered some injuries. If a permanent tooth gets knocked out of its socket, pick up the tooth from its crown portion (avoid touching the root), wash it gently under running water (do not scrub) and put it in milk or clean water while you rush to the nearest dentist. (Although best is putting the tooth back in the socket or under the tongue, it should be done only if the child is older and understands to keep it in the mouth). The dentist will place the tooth back in the socket and splint it to the adjacent teeth. This tretament procedure is called replantation. 
What is the solution? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. How long can I wait before having the knocked out tooth splinted? - The golden period for successful results is within 1 hour of the tooth having been knoocked out. If you see your dentist after 24 hours, your dentist may choose to not place your own tooth back because of poor results. 
  2. How long will the treatment take? - The dentist will place the tooth back and splint it to the adjacent teeth within an hour. After 2-3 days, root canal treatment is performed on the tooth. The splint is removed after 2-3 weeks. 
  3. Who is the best specialist to perform the replantation procedure? - Replantation of avulsed or knocked out teeth requires proper skill and expertise. The best specialists for the procedure are Pedodontists and Endodontists. Find the nearest pedodontist or endodontist to avoid any time delay in the replantation of the knocked out tooth.