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  • WHAT IS IT? - Truedent Annual Membership Plan is a dental benefit plan for you that offers diagnostic, preventive and emergency dental services with no recurring costs. Your dentist is there for you when you need him. 
  • HOW WILL IT HELP ME? - The loss of good teeth and the cost of dental treatments are on the rise. We all want to have our teeth in a good shape. For this, you need to be proactive and take steps before dental problems start - see your dentist every 6 months, get fluoride treatment done to prevent dental cavities and a cleaning to prevent gum problems. Sealants are an internationally recommended treatment modality to prevent cavities in children. All these procedures are non-invasive, healthy and safe. Our membership plan covers this all, plus offers you emergency dental services at no cost. 
  • HOW MUCH WILL IT COST ME? - There are no membership charges at Truedent. A complete restoration of dental health at Truedent entitles you to become our privileged member. 
  1. Dental Consultations and X-rays
  2. Emergency Dental Treatments
  3. Full mouth Scaling and Polishing
  4. Dual Fluoride application
  5. Sealants for children
  6. Temporary fillings in adults
  • WAIT, THERE'S MORE VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. We value your money. If you have availed less than 3 of the 6 basi
  • c benefits we provide in our plan through the year, you can avail treatments as and when the need arises for the full amount paid in the subsequent year. 
  • WHAT ARE THE RENEWAL CHARGES? - If you have availed more than 3 benefits included in the plan, we respect your commitment to dental health and offer you a 50% discount on renewal of membership next year. 
  • I WANT TO KNOW MORE - Thank you for your interest in our Annual Membership Plan. Please contact us for more information. 
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Truedent Family Dental Health Plan is a gift of smile for your family and friends. All the benefits of our Annual Membership Plan are extended to your loved ones, with an additional cost benefit - the fourth member is included in the plan at no charge. So, get going for your dental health and let it shine beyond you!! 
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Are you getting the best dental treatments for you? Are you getting the value for your money? At Truedent, we are committed to providing the best quality, global standard care. We make use of the best class of materials and the most advanced dental labs in the country. That is why, Truedent proudly offers you treatment warranties. Be it a single tooth or multiple teeth, after our treatment, you can rest assured we are there for you.

 The pre-requisites for the warranty are:
1. The tooth or teeth are treated for any pre-existing disease
2. Regular check-ups for the teeth need to be done and are included in the warranty.

 Contact us to know more about limited crown warranties, unconditional treatment warranties and complete dental insurance.