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What is a broken tooth? 
A broken tooth can be - chipped tooth, fractured crown of the tooth or fractured root of the tooth. 
A tooth breaks in two ways. One, a sudden fall, accident or trauma, especially to the upper front teeth. Two, extensive decay or a big cavity weakens the tooth from inside and the tooth breaks on biting. 
Why did my tooth break? 
In case of tooth breakage due to trauma, a chipped tooth fragment can be recemented to the original tooth. The tooth can be built up using tooth coloured filling material. For long term and best cosmetics, ceramic laminates or veneers are done. When a tooth has broken from an extensive cavity or has exposed the nerve of the tooth, root canal treatment is usually required before any reconstructive process. After the RCT, the tooth is built up taking support from the root of the tooth ("post and core"), and a crown is placed over it. If the root of the tooth is broken, the tooth may have to be removed. 
What is the solution? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. Is it better to have broken teeth removed or treated? - Your natural teeth are the best. Any artificial replacement - such as dental implant, crown and bridge or denture falls in some way short of the effectiveness and health benefits of your natural tooth.  Therefore, our advise is always to first consider saving the tooth. Only if our dental experience tells us that the best attempts at saving the tooth may not prove fruitful in the long run, we advise you so. 
  2. My teeth broke long back and only roots remain at the gum level. Can they be saved? - The science of dentistry has advanced considerably from the days of removing broken teeth. Yes, teeth with only roots remaining can also be saved successfully. The gums around the teeth are removed partially to expose more tooth ("crown lengthening"), the tooth is built up taking support from the root and exposed tooth ("post and core"), and crowns or dentures can be made on these teeth.  
  3. Why did my tooth break so many years after my root canal treatment? - Root canal treatment (RCT) makes the tooth brittle and more prone to fracture. That is why, capping the tooth after RCT is a must. If your tooth broke after root canal treatment, it is because it was not capped or there was a delay in its capping procedure.